March 03, 2021

Rediscovering Condo Living: Benefits for Millennials

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are taught early to work hard, save young, and acquire a home that complements their dynamic lifestyle. In today’s real estate landscape, it’s easy to see why condominiums are appealing to the younger generation. They’re cost-efficient and strategically located to access urban modernities. 

Millennials love living close to the action. It’s where they thrive, work eight hours a day (or more), and create meaningful experiences. This, in turn, increased the number of condominiums in cities, especially near business districts. But there’s more to condo living than cutting work commutes short. Here are other reasons why millennials will choose condo living any day.

24/7 Access to Everything

Young professionals have been raised in an environment where almost everything can be done in an instant or accessed 24/7. Think one-click, online shopping apps, and round-the-clock news or social media updates. Millennials are used to this kind of accessibility, so it makes sense for them to live in a condominium.

Victoria Towers ABC&D are among the excellent examples of condo complexes with a high level of accessibility. Besides being close to offices and entertainment hubs, the towers have a commercial strip just below the residential units for quick and easy shopping.

Improved Social Relationships

Although millennials have fostered a special relationship with their mobile devices in this digital age, most of them still enjoy going out with friends and meeting new people. Condo complexes are designed to promote social interactions among residents, thanks to the shared amenity area and other facilities like function halls for community or social events.

The location of condos also plays a part in the residents’ social well-being. The most in-demand condo projects are proximity to restaurants, shopping centers, and nightlife establishments, as plenty of millennials are known for being laid-back and fun-loving. 

A Smart Property Investment

Investing in real estate can start with a single condo unit purchase. Besides offering a cozy and convenient home, these units can double as an income source when rented out or resold later. For this money-making move to work, it’s ideal to choose a condo unit near offices or commercial areas as this kind of location is always in demand among urbanites. 

Earning money on the side while still living in the unit is also possible by renting out a condo space (also called condo sharing). In this living arrangement, the condo unit owner can live with one or more renters, share monthly bills, and earn from individual rental fees.

Victoria Towers ABC&D as an Ideal Home for Millennials

Victoria Towers ABC&D, located at Tomas Morato and Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City, carries all the condo features that millennials will love. From a bustling retail podium, welcoming lobby to spacious units, all these and more are offered by Victoria Towers ABC&D for comfortable and hassle-free city living.

With its proximity to a prime entertainment district and other major establishments, residents can keep up with the fast-paced environment by having easy access to work and leisure options. 

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